You’re Not the End-All, Be-All Expert (And That’s Okay)

We’ve all heard the old saying “fake it till you make it,” but is that really the advice you should be taking?   Today, the market is on to all the cheap tricks marketers have used for ages. Most of the can spot a fake guru coming from a mile away. These days, claiming to be something you’re not can blow up in your face and expose you to the whole world.   So, you’re not an expert, but you’re better than most people at the thing you do. How do you sell yourself to the right people without faking the funk?   That’s what this week’s episode is all about.   Join Landon Porter as he explains:

  • Why you should never “fake it till you make it”
  • What it actually takes to be a leader
  • Why being the best doesn’t mean your the best person to buy from
  • When and how to claim a title in your niche
  • Why so many entrepreneurs bite off more than they can chew
  • What your audience see when you copy other gurus
  • How to get the job if you don’t have the experience (and vice versa)
  • How to actually become the expert you want to be
  • And much more

Listen now.