Why You’re Stuck in Your Business

Feeling stuck? Keep bumping into a glass ceiling? There’s an easy way to fix that, but you’ve gotta let go of what got you to where you are now. 

Different parts of your journey require different tools and approaches. What worked when you had two clients won’t work when you have 20. 

And if you don’t know when to let go of things that no longer serve you, they’ll pull you down and maybe even destroy your business. We just went through one of these growth spurts in the Jungle.

You may have noticed #FNL isn’t as long or frequent as they used to be. There’s a reason for that.

Find out why, and discover:

  • When to double-down and when to pivot
  • How to de-clutter all the busy work you’re doing now
  • Why running a business is like racing a triathlon
  • What to do when your business gets too big for you
  • How to give up on the things that no longer serve you
  • Why you should make yourself obsolete in your own business
  • One easy trick to fall back in love with your business
  • And a lot more

All in this week’s Sales Gorilla podcast.

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