Why People Pleasers Finish Last

Caring about other people and their opinions can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s what drives you to in your mission to help others. On the other hand, it’s holding you back from ever finding true happiness. Don’t believe me? Listen to this week’s podcast. We’re breaking it down and showing why even the most successful people still end up being miserable in their work and lives. It’s not about being selfish, but sometimes you have to put yourself first. This week, we’ll show you how to do it. You’ll discover the secret to that, and all this as well:

  • How to deal with hard decisions
  • Why you need to start waiting for permission
  • The real reason most people never take ownership of their own lives
  • Why you need to stop worrying about what other people want from you
  • The difference between needing connection and seeking approval
  • What happens when you start giving yourself what you need
  • Why so many people are looking in the wrong places for happiness
  • The only way to actually break the bad habits that are holding you back from happiness in life
  • Why reading self-help books doesn’t work for most people
  • How to leverage simple mindset shifts for massive results
  • And a lot more

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