Who TF is LP?

Get to know more about the man behind the beard. Take a stroll down memory lane as Landon reveals his background in sales, why he left and eventually came back, and how he came to discover his ICA process. This one is more of a background story, but the number of gold nuggets in this episode makes it well worth the listen. 

Tune in and you’ll discover:

  • Why being corporate doesn’t have to mean “Suit and Tie”
  • The real reason some people get away with murder in the office
  • How to get preferential treatment from everyone you meet
  • The one thing that matters most to your clients (Do this right and nothing else will count against you)
  • 3 ways to make yourself “Unfireable”
  • Why sales scripts don’t matter if you have this one skill
  • The perfect time of day to call your potential clients
  • These simple slang words are killing your sales and you don’t even realize it
  • And a sh*t ton more

And here’s a link if you’re looking to book an interview.