Three Steps to More Business in 2020

For the last two years, Sales Gorilla has been all about getting clients without salesy. And while that’s still a foundational aspect of what we do… we’re moving on to bigger and better things. A lot of people in the jungle are past the point of needing more clients. Phase two has officially begun. As you evolve, so will the Jungle. Wanna know what’s next? Tune in, find out, and discover:

  • Why people get stuck in bad habits
  • The only way to make your resolutions stick
  • Why the new year holds for the Sales Gorilla
  • Two ways to get more money out of your already-existing clients
  • Why getting new clients is a waste of time and money
  • How to turn one-off clients into long-term clients
  • Why marketing doesn’t work on people who are already your clients
  • How to get unstuck in your business (this works for almost everyone)
  • Proof that most of your current clients are the wrong people for your next offer
  • One way to upgrade the type of clients you’re attracting
  • The real reason most people stagnate in their businesses (and how to break free of it)
  • The best personality trait that will always keep your business evolving
  • And a lot more

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