The Three Stages Of Getting Clients

What if you had clients coming at you from all different directions at once?

What if, instead of chasing them down, they were being sent to you?

What if you had a constant flow of new leads who were already pre-qualified and a perfect match for who you wanted to work with?

There are three ways to get clients;
1. Go out and get them.
2. Have them referred to you.
And the third way – the most powerful way – you’ll have to listen to the podcast if you want to hear about.

In this week’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • The one thing that makes getting the perfect clients a whole lot easier
  • Why shouldn’t spend all your time chasing after clients
  • 2 ways to get clients after you
  • Why solving your prospect’s big problem isn’t converting them into clients
  • 3 steps to getting clients right now
  • How to know what your prospects want at which stage of their relationship with you (and when to give it)
  • The best way to get the attention of your target market when they have no idea who you are
  • How to be found when people are looking for someone who does what you do
  • Key aspects you need to have in place on your social media profile
  • Why skipping steps in getting clients will always backfire on you
  • The best way to get a flood of new clients without doing any marketing
  • How to be the person everyone else recommends
  • And a lot more

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