The Psychology of Buying

Have you ever went out of your way to get a new client, only to realize you just invited a nightmare into your life?   One of the biggest reasons we lose our passion for business is hooking up with the wrong clients and customers. Working for the wrong people can make your life a living hell. But most of us feel like we don’t have a choice.   Maybe we can’t find enough leads. Maybe we can’t afford to say “no”. Maybe we just suck at seeing the red flags before taking on a bad client blows up in our face. I know I’ve felt each one of these things in the past.   Not to worry, Landon has you taken care of.   In this week’s episode, we cover:  

  • The difference between persuading and manipulating
  • Why people like to buy but hate being sold to
  • How to find out where your ICA is in their buying journey
  • Why buyers have more power then marketers in the modern world
  • Why authentic personality is so important today
  • How to work with only the perfect-for-you people
  • And how this all works for push marketing as well as pull marketing

You don’t want to miss this one.