The Foundations of Client Getting

What if you didn’t have to spend a fortune on Facebook ads to get the best clients coming to you? What if you didn’t have to manage a confusing CRM tool in order to stay at the forefront of your client’s minds? What if none of those things even mattered if you didn’t first have something else in place? There’s an easier way to keep your clients happy and coming back for more. There’s a better way to find more “perfect-for-you” clients than what you’re probably doing now. Problem is, it’s not exciting or even new, so most people aren’t talking about it. But it’s the foundation that everything else needs to be built on if you want it to work. Tune in and discover:

  • Why the sexy stuff is never gonna work for most of us when it comes to getting sales
  • What to do when your biggest lead source drys up on you
  • The best way to create long-term relationships with your clients
  • How to get people sending you clients without asking
  • Why building fake rapport is a deal killer in the modern marketplace
  • How self-censorship might be losing you your best clients
  • And a lot more

Warning; this one might offend you. Listen anyway.