Take Control Of Your Life By Doing This One Thing

You’ve heard it said a million times; “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.” But did you ever listen? Our culture is full of people waiting for their Cinderella story to happen, where a rich prince comes in and makes all their dreams come true. We want our teachers to tell us the answers and our leaders to show us the way. And most of us never get what we’re looking for. But some people forge their own path, kick ass, take names, and leave everybody else in the dust. Wanna know their secret? It’s in this week’s podcast.

Along with:

  • Why trusting someone else to make things happen is so appealing to most people (and why it never works out like we wish it would)
  • Two things you CAN’T outsource if you want actual results in your life
  • How to overcome the intimidation of new projects and actually get them done
  • Why so many people procrastinate and never take proper action (even when they have the perfect roadmap to success)
  • The only two things you need to do to get more clients on social media
  • How to form healthy client getting habits RIGHT NOW What to do if you piss of a prospect And a lot more

Tune in now.

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