Selling Against Your Competition

If you’re selling something worth selling, you’re not gonna be the only one out there, selling it. After all, if there’s a market, you’re going to have competition. And chances are, some of your competition will be killing it.   So, how do you turn a Red Ocean into your own private Blue Ocean? How do you use the fact that you’re not the only one out there into a reason to buy from you? How do you sell against your competition?   Join Landon as he breaks down:

  • How to thrive, even in shark-infested waters
  • Why you shouldn’t try to be like your competition
  • How to set yourself up as better than the best in your market
  • Why you should NEVER call out your competition by name (or should you?)
  • The easiest way to establish your own market
  • How to charge more than your competition and have people happy to pay it
  • What kind of professionals get paid the most.
  • Why getting more clients can actually be bad for your business
  • The one thing that’s more important than what a client can pay
  • And a whole lot more

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