Relationship Marketing Vs. The Client Journey

Most marketing these days is designed for selling a product, not a service. The systems designed for selling your service were perfected before the rise of social media, and haven’t yet evolved.

This means there’s a huge gap between what works and the tools we now have available. Gorilla Army Nation is all about taking what works in classic selling and combining it with what’s working in digital marketing.

It’s knowing what to adopt and what to ignore that makes all the difference. By listening to this episode, you’ll know exactly what falls into each one of those categories. Landon reveals:

  • How tradition product marketing applies to client getting (and how it differs)
  • The difference between manufactured relatability and natural relatability
  • Why market research is a MUST, especially when you’re on a sales call with someone
  • The two steps in social media to attract the exact people you want to work with
  • Why you can’t sell a course the same way you sell consulting (it’s about them, not you or your offer)
  • The 4 questions you need to know the answers to if you want to make the right offers to the people, at the right time
  • How to take a traditional marketing funnel and turn it into an authentic relationship funnel
  • 3 steps to getting people sold before they ever even get on a call with you
  • Why the “One to Many” model doesn’t work with client acquisition
  • What to do instead
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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