Reaching Out vs Attraction Messaging

Is it better to go out and get new clients, or have them come to you? Truth is, both ways have their pros and their cons. If you’ve been following the ways of the Jungle, you know how to start conversations with ease. It’s also likely that your inbox is flooded with people wanting to talk to you about your thing. Each of these requires a different approach. 

Tune in this week and you’ll discover:

  • What’s better, reaching out or attracting people
  • How to pre-qualify people and avoid wasting time
  • Why “more leads” isn’t really what you need
  • How to build a pipeline of perfect prospects
  • What to do when your leads play hard to get
  • Why you should never waste your time on cold-calling
  • The real reason you should never ghost a prospect
  • How to let the wrong fit people down easy
  • The downside of being flooded with leads
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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