New Year, New Business Model

Tired of doing the same old thing for the same old clients? Feel like your stuck in your business and there’s no way out? Listen to this week’s podcast. As you grow and evolve, so should your business… so should the people you serve and the way you serve them. But once you’re known for one thing, how do you break free and actually move to that next level? Not knowing the answer to this question is what keeps most people stuck in their business model. If you’re ready to level up the people you serve, the service you provide, and the money you make while doing it, listen up. 

You’re about to discover:

  • Why you need to upgrade your client base
  • What to do with the clients who are holding you back
  • How to overcome the lack of scalability in client-based services
  • Why serving clients is a lot like playing poker
  • 4 different categories you need to be grading your clients on
  • Why you’re attracting the wrong kind of clients
  • The hidden danger of “settling” with good clients
  • How to avoid the problems of “sticker shock” when you reveal your rates
  • Why your business model should always be evolving
  • And a lot more

Tune in NOW.

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