Mindset is a Skillset

Take twenty competent people and compare them. If they’re all equal in skillset, the ones with the best mindset will always pull ahead. Even if they lack a bit in skillset, if they have that much more in mindset they’ll lead the pack. Mindset is as important as skillset, maybe even more so. But here’s the kicker… Mindset IS a skillset. And we’ll prove it in this week’s episode. We’ll also reveal:

  • The secret of getting what you want in life
  • Why mindset is more important than skillset
  • How spirituality and science are starting to line up
  • A profound truth from Henry Ford that every kid in school should learn
  • Why we believe some people are special and can do things we can’t
  • The biggest flaw of our current education system
  • The key to being able to do whatever the F*** you want
  • Why most people never take control of their own lives
  • What separates those who do from those who don’t
  • How to undo your own negative programming
  • Why more people are starting to wake up and take charge now, than at any other time in history
  • The power of new ideas to completely reshape society (and your life)
  • The difference between being reactive and being responsible
  • And more

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