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Learn to Get Clients Without Being Salesy & Attract Your Best Clients to You In the Next 30 Days... Guaranteed!
Getting Clients is easy when you know the formula. No one likes to do cold outreach or feel 'salesy.' The Perfect Client Funnel Method will allow you to get your time back by having clients coming to you!
i.e. How long does it take to see results?
"I joined, and on Day 1 - Module 1, I not only learned a lot, but I implemented the Gorilla 2-Step that Landon told me to implement, and I Got a New Client as soon as I put it on FB."
 - Amy S. - Atlanta, GA - USA
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When You Join The Perfect Client Funnel Method And Become A #GorillaMarketer You Get Immediate Access To:
The Perfect Client Funnel Method Course, 6 Modules + Bonuses, 100+ Videos
So you can learn how to get your Perfect Clients to PAY YOU for what you love to do!
Membership In The Private Inner Jungle Facebook Group
To get help, ask questions, make new friends, 
and celebrate your successes.
Easily Identify Your Ideal Clients That You'll Love Working With
Imagine working with your best friends.
You're both on the same page, and want the same outcome. Would that be an easy client for you? You'll learn exactly how to identify these people and bring them on as clients!
24/7 Community Support 
Most programs give you a login and leave you to fend for yourself. Inside The Perfect Client Attraction System, you have access to the group for support 24/7, so you NEVER get stuck and don't know what to do next. 
The Tested and Proven PCF Method
Not everyone likes to get clients the same way. We've developed a formula (that works specifically for you and how you operate). This formula will allow you to get clients the way you are most comfortable. We developed the systems for you so you can plug in what works for your business and get more clients.
The Advanced Sales Gorilla Training That Will Allow You to Have The 'Yes Conversation' with Your Prospects
Most sales trainings give you a 'script' which is all good and well, but not all people are comfortable talking in someone else's language, and it takes years to perfect. The 'Yes Conversation' will allow you to qualify your prospects to see if they're a good fit FOR YOU. 
Become a #GorillaMarketer Today And Get The Step-by-Step System I Used in My Corporate Job  to Sell $100K+ Packages to My Clients!
"YES, Landon! I am IN! It would be silly for me to delay and let someone else get my spot! I promise to ONLY JOIN as someone who is a serious go-getter, who’s ready to put these powerful marketing strategies and systems to work to get clients who will love working with me & pay me more. I’m ready to start honing my skills as a #GorillaMarketer, and have clients seek me out... and I understand that Getting Clients Without Being Salesy is easy when I implement The Perfect Client Funnel Method.

I am ready to receive access to the entire digital system including step-by-step processes, learning my ideal clients, how to have the 'Yes Conversation' and unlimited group support with the #GorillaMarketers. Plus I get lifetime access to the private Facebook group and training membership area."

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Bradford Joined and on The Very First Day Got a $2K Client!
What's Inside This 6 Module, 60+ Video Experience?
The Exact Blueprint of How I Went From Stuck In A 9-5 to Working With Clients I Love And Spending More Time With My Family.
Week 1: The Formula & Your Ideal Clients
This will give you some quick wins to get clients on Day 1.
You will learn the ultimate way to identify your ideal clients who you would love to work for. 
In fact, you might work with them for free (but we don't recommend that). 

If you don't love every client you're working with (right now), Week 1 will open your eyes to amazing new opportunities. 
Week 2: How to Find Your Ideal Clients
...and Get Them To Write Your Offers
In order to make money as a coach, consultant, or business owner, you need to find the right people to help. You will learn how to find where your Ideal Clients hang out... and how to ethically get them to write your messaging and offers (don't overlook how important this is). 
Week 3: The Client Getting System
Time is the most valuable resource that you have. When it comes to business, usually you're either paying with money or time. I'm going to give you back your time in return for your investment in this program by showing you how to systemize your client-getting process and serve the people you love working with. Prevent burnout, make more money, and get a business that you actually LOVE. 
Week 4: Relationship Funnels
Wouldn't it be nice if your clients felt like they 'know you' before you have a sales conversation? Relationship Funnels allow your ideal clients to Know, Like, & Trust you before you ever talk to them, and I'll show you the exact steps to setting it up. 
Week 5: Managing Clients
Keeping clients is just as important as Getting Clients. 
Here you'll learn the best way to bring on new clients, so you have a great relationship from the start. 

You will also learn what to-do and what not to do when dealing with clients (setting boundaries & managing expectations) This will save your sanity when dealing with your new clients. 
Week 6: The Sales Gorilla
The Ultimate Sales Process and Sales Conversation - You want to know how to have the 'Sales Conversation' without feeling salesy, right?

This is where you'll learn how to do that. Once you go through Week 6, you'll be a pro at having what we call "The 'YES' Conversation," even if you're an introvert or hate sales.  
Module 7: Scaling With Webinars
Not for everyone, but if you're at the point that you want to launch your own course, get more clients through webinars, or even build webinars for other people, I'm going to show you the exact process some of my clients have used to build seven figure businesses with one pre-recorded webinar. If you're ready to take things to the next level, you don't want to miss this. 
Module 8: Systemizing Your Business
Time is the most valuable resource that we have. When it comes to business, usually you're either paying with money or time. I'm going to give you back your time in return for your investment in this program by showing you how to systemize your business and serve more people with less hands on work from you. Prevent burnout, make more money, and get a business that you actually LOVE. 
BONUS #1: How to Build Strategic Partnerships
Eventually you're going to want to build relationships with people that can or will accelerate your business growth. I've created partnerships that have directly lead to $40K+ in revenue alone. I'll show you exactly how I develop these relationships, and how you can apply Strategic Partnerships in your business. . 
BONUS #2: High Ticket Case Studies
Wouldn't it be nice to see someone who went through this EXACT process, and actually succeed in front of your eyes and hear about what struggles they faced, how they overcame their self doubt and got amazing results in their business?
You'll see some behind the scenes 1:1 coaching calls (that my highest paying clients pay $20K+ for). 
BONUS #3: Masterclass Vault
I bring in experts from different industries (that compliment the course) for deep-dive trainings, such as... Relationship Funnel Architecture, High-Ticket LinkedIn Lead Generation, Copywriting & Email Marketing.
BONUS #4: Replay Vault of Live Coaching Calls
You're going to love the insider secrets you get as a bonus in these juice Jungle Juice calls. See some of my best student hear the advice that they needed to push them in the right direction - making them the successes they are today.

Plus, there's much, much more, I'm just running out of room here. 
Luke Went From Brand New to Getting His First Retainer Client!
Don't Take My Word For It. My Students Are Getting Clients 'The Easy Way' With These Exact Techniques
Access From Anywhere with an Internet Connection:
 From learning your best clients to over 102 videos, to The Sales Gorilla Training, managing clients, examples, attraction marketing, case studies, and The Perfect Client Funnel Method, we have EVERYTHING you need to get paying clients for your business
Lock In Your Spot As A #GorillaMarketer Today And Get The Battle-Tested Blueprint For Getting Clients Without Being Salesy!
"YES, Landon! I’m ready to STOP waiting to really live the life I want to live. I’m excited to get everything I need to sell my product or service services in a non-salesy way, and have my best clients coming to me! Give me the battle-tested Perfect Client Funnel Method in the 6 week workshop so I can begin making maximum impact in minimum time…and… at the same time…deliver my magic and message to more and more of my IDEAL CUSTOMERS and CLIENTS from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

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Do You Want Clients That Are Excited to Work With You, Like Luke?
From Our Students' First $1K Client To $35K+ Monthly Retainers... We've Seen It All
This isn't JUST for beginners... 
Sure, we take you by the hand and show you everything from A-Z if you're new to attraction marketing BUT if you're experienced in 'yer thing,' and you want to get MORE clients in LESS time and learn principles of scaling, we can help you take your business to the next level 
Want a raise? We'll Show You How to Go Out & Get Higher Paying Clients!

Jeff Closed a $50K Contract Using The Perfect Client Funnel Method
Perfect Client Attraction System Vs. Other Programs
What Makes This Different From Other Programs Out There?
Ongoing Group Support
Most programs give you a login and leave you to fend for yourself. Inside The Perfect Client Attraction System, you have 24/7 access to a group of other business owners that have been where you are, so you NEVER get stuck not knowing what to do next. 
Most 'gurus' reserve their 1:1 or group coaching for their highest paying clients. In this program you'll have access to hundreds of hours of my personal coaching of students that have been in the exact place you've been. And additional training from industry experts to help take your business to the next level!
not just for starting a business, also for growing
Most programs teach you the basics, but don't teach you how to automate and scale. This is the exact system one client used to go from lower ticket sales, to selling $50,000 packages to his clients.
Why Do I Do This?
I LOVE seeing you succeed
If you've been following me for a while, you know I preach about a better, easier way to get new clients in the door. None of that crappy, inefficient cold prospecting crap that no one truly enjoys doing.

I can't begin to describe how good it feels to hear back from our students about how this stuff actually works - and is giving you the freedom to be your weird ass self AND still be successful in your business.

I want everyone to be able to experience that freedom and shift in perspective if they so choose. 

And hey... if you aren't the salesy type, you and I might get along juuust fine.
My "No B.S." 100% Action Based Guarantee: We Know This S*** Works. If You Implement The Perfect Client Funnel Method, and Don't Get Results, I'll refund 100% Of Your Investment.
Rock Solid Guarantee: If you do all of the homework and you’ve still not had any results getting your ideal clients for your own business… Then you can request and get a full refund, or if you prefer, I and the rest of the community will work with you until you get results. 
I want this to be a no-risk decision for you.

PLUS we’ll take any feedback you may have and use it to make our course better for future attendees.
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Tina Started At Zero, and Now Has Enough Recurring Income to Focus On Her Business!
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get my specific questions answered? 
Simply email: [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
When will I receive the program in the mail? 
You won't, this is an entirely digital program. You will be taken to a thank you page as soon as you submit your payment where you can create your login and access the program immediately. 
How long do I have access to the content? 
Though we have no plans on taking down the course any time soon, we can't promise lifetime access. (Technology changes too rapidly to promise that.) However, you can count on access for a full year after your purchase. Please reach out to our support team at the email address above for questions.
Does this work in my country? 
Yes, one of the greatest things about The Perfect Client Attraction System, is that it's individual to you. That means, you'll learn the process to Get Clients that you love working with no matter if you live in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, England, Sweden, Zimbabwe etc... 
How far apart are the payment plans spaced? 
All payment plans are monthly payment plans. If you select the three payment plan, you will be billed once today and again in 30 day-spaced increments. If you select the one-pay for the total amount, you will only be billed once today for the full payment. 
Do you accept PayPal? 
Yes, if you would like to pay with PayPal, please click the PayPal button above.
How do I use PayPal Credit to get no payments or interest for six months? 
For more information about PayPal credit, check out

By clicking the PayPal button as described above, you will be given the option to use PayPal Credit at checkout. 
I don't have any money, can you let me in for free or make special payment arrangements?
There is a saying "those who pay, pay attention," which means, unless you have some skin in the game, you're unlikely to put in the work to get results. So no, I can't let you in for free, and I won't offer you special payment arrangements, but you can get no payments and no interest for 6-months through 

Click the link and apply on the page. If you are approved you will get instant access to an online credit card with no payments and no interest for 6 months. Just be sure to pay off the balance in full when you get your first client to avoid any interest fees. That being said, if you are in dire financial straits, it's recommended that you get a job and stabilize your situation before starting an online business to avoid undue stress. 
When do I get access? 
 After signing up, you will get your login details emailed to you immediately. 
How much time does this take? 
You get at least a year's access to the program, so you can move at your own pace. It is recommended that you spend a minimum of an hour a day for the next 6 weeks and take action as you learn, but if you need to move slower than that, or come back to the material at a later date, that is fine too. 

 The more time you invest in yourself and your business, the greater your ability to succeed.
Can I do this if I have a full time job? 
Yes, many of my most successful clients have applied this system in their 'full-time job' and gotten better clients as a result.  As long as you can allocate 30-60 min/day, you can work through the process in The Perfect Client Attraction System and Get Better Clients.
How does the guarantee work? 
If you don't get results following the methods taught in this course - and you do the homework and take action on the modules  - we will refund your money 100%! You MUST submit your request within 30 days from your purchase. click here.
Do I get ongoing support? 
Yes, as a #GorillaMarketing member, you will have access to the #GorillaMarketingCrew Facebook group, so you can post your questions any time, day or night. 
Will this work for me? 
If you have an internet connection, a cell phone, an email address, and the willingness to follow the system this will work for you. You must be willing to get on the phone with clients after they reach out to you asking for help. We will teach you EXACTLY how to get better clients, so even if you're new to marketing, that's ok. 
I'm already an experienced business owner. Is this for me? 
Yes, experienced business owners can use this same system and get better clients that pay them more! So if you're already an experienced business owner,  and you want to get more clients who will pay you more, this is for you. 
Who is this NOT for?
This is not for anyone who doesn't want to put in the work to provide real value to real people. This is not a get rich quick scheme, an MLM, or a lottery ticket. This is a proven system to learn how to master the skills, processes, tools and procedures to provide real value to real people and get paid  for your services. 
What currency is this in? 
All payments are in US dollars (USD)
Can I speak to current members? 
Due to the frequency of requests, my clients do not have time to speak with each and every one of interested consultants. To solve the problem, we have recorded video interviews. You can see current members' stories on video on this page. 
I'm already in the program and I can't find the login
You can login here .
What does the member's area look like? 
Here's a little taste. 6 Modules plus bonus modules, 100+ videos, step by step exercises, examples, swipe files, coaching calls, systems and secrets. 

PLUS secret FB group and #GorillaMarketingCrew to get help when you need it. 
Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
No, the BBB is largely bullsh*t. The BBB will even give scams and organizations with government investigations against malpractices a AAA rating if you give them enough money. Proof here.  If you want convinced of the reputation of my brand, I suggest you look at client interviews and testimonials. 
I have more questions, how can I get them answered? 
Simply email: [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Get The Proven Blueprint For Getting Clients Without Being Salesy With The Perfect Client Funnel Method
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