Is Now the Time for You to Create an Online Course?

The promise of an online course appeals to most entrepreneurs out there. Make it once and sell it over and over again. Position yourself as an authority. Have a great way to capitalize on people who aren’t yet ready for your higher-ticket offer. All the gurus do it. They all encourage you to do it. Obviously it’s a great idea… right? Maybe not. At least, not for everybody. For a lot of business owners and service providers, making a course is just another bright, shiny object. It’s a way to waste a lot of time and money on something that will never gain traction. Worse, it might tarnish your brand, rather than add to it. This week’s episode is all about that.

Tune in and you’ll discover:

  • What makes the most sense for your personality
  • The biggest drawback to creating a course
  • Why not all services can be productized
  • When it makes sense to turn your knowledge into a course
  • Why it’s not always an “either/or” situation
  • How to make a product and service work together
  • The parts of your business that should NEVER be made into an online course
  • The main question you need to ask yourself before you even think about creating an info-product
  • Why the best inspiration comes from frustration
  • How to know if you should even create a course for your business
  • Why you shouldn’t sell your service to everyone who bought your course
  • And a lot more

Is making a course the right thing for your business? Listen now to find out.

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