ICA – WTF is That?

You’ve got a pretty good idea of who you want to work for. You’ve narrowed them down to name, age, gender, and profession. You even went through an exercise to flesh out things like their hobbies, their values, and their day to day lifestyle. So why do you keep getting stuck with clients you can’t stand working with?

It’s because the old way of defining your ideal client doesn’t work anymore. Truth is, it never really worked all that well, to begin with. But it was the best we had. Now, there’s a better way.

This week’s episode is all about that better way. You’ll discover:

  • The most important part of finding your perfect clients
  • Why you should only take on this one kind of client
  • The three steps of filtering out the wrong clients
  • The five aspects of finding your perfect clients
  • The best way to stop wasting time chasing after the wrong people
  • Why so many people end up working with clients they hate (and how NOT to fall into that same trap)
  • Why the traditional Avatar Creation System is failing so many professionals
  • And a lot more

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