How to Start a Cult(ure) Around Your Brand

Being perceived as a leader is almost non-negotiable when it comes to building a client based service. If your clients don’t see you as a leader, good luck getting them to pay you.   So, are there any shortcuts to gaining leader status in the eyes of your clients? Does having a community help position you as a better leader? Can you learn something from cults when it comes to building a culture?   The answer to all these questions is yes. And in this week’s podcast, Landon breaks it down for you in a no-BS way you’ve come to love and respect from him.   He’ll show you:

  • How to pick your common ground
  • Why you need insider phrases
  • How to indoctrinate people into your culture
  • Which kinds of people to let (and which kind to keep out)
  • Why people are attracted to culture
  • Why you also need a common enemy
  • How to get people to rally around you
  • What to do if you struggle with being a leader
  • And more

Listen now.