How to Max Out Your Social Currency

Before others feel comfortable hiring you, they need to first feel like they know, like and trust you. There needs to be an emotional bank account between the two of you. And you need to make the right kind of deposits before trying to withdraw.   So, how do you do that?   This week’s episode is all about maxing out your social currency with your marketplace. Get the most return for your social media investment by following this simple formula.   You’ll discover:  

  • How to get attention on social media
  • What’s the difference between social acuity and social currency?
  • Can everybody pick up on social cues like others?
  • What to do if you don’t have the best social skills
  • How to ensure your social media posts get attention and shares
  • The easy way to get clients from forums and facebook groups
  • How to get other people to sing your praises for you
  • and more.

  But only if you tune in to this week’s episode of the Sales Gorilla Podcast