How to Make Getting Clients Easy

Most people overcomplicate things. They make what they do hard for others to understand; the dreaded “curse of knowledge. They make getting clients a lot harder than it has to be. Even here, at the Sales Gorilla Podcast, we can be guilty of making things harder than they have to be.   This week, we’re going back to the basics. Getting clients can be easy… if you strip it down to its essential parts. That’s what this episode is all about. We’re gonna give you the first steps you need to start getting more clients in a simple way that anybody can put into use today.   Tune in and you’ll discover:

  • Why being great at your thing makes it harder for you to sell it
  • The only 2 things you need to start getting clients now
  • Why “more leads” isn’t enough to get you more clients
  • The difference between a “Lead” and a “Prospect”
  • How to grade clients and only work with the best people for you
  • Why you NEED to have a good sales conversation formula
  • 3 simple things you have to do before you even start the sales conversation
  • How social media can completely revolutionize your selling process
  • And a lot more

This one goes deep… balls deep. Don’t miss it   Listen now.