Don’t Build Your Business on Quicksand

You’ve built what you thought would be a wildly successful business, but nobody’s buying. You promote on all the right channels, but nobody’s paying attention. You have no idea what went wrong. All you know is that you feel like giving up and never trying again.   You’re not alone. 80% of businesses fail in the first five years. Most of them fail because they made one or two minor mistakes when they laid the foundation for their businesses. This is commonly known as “building your business on quicksand”. Make one of these simple miscalculations and get ready for a painful defeat. Avoid them in advance and it’s almost impossible to fail.   Tune in this week and discover:

  • 3 foundational components for building a successful business
  • Why people don’t care about future problems
  • How to get the attention of your market
  • When the best time to start advertising is
  • The best platform to be advertising on
  • How to make the perfect deal (without all the slimy sales tactics)
  • What to do if your market isn’t biting
  • And more

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