Client Getting: Back to the Basics

People overcomplicate things. It’s what we do.   We scattershot our attention in 100 different directions. We chase after 100 different marketing ideas. And we run ourselves out of energy while we do it.   There’s got to be a better way.   Landon helps you simplify your strategy and get back to basic’s in this week’s episode.  

  • The only two things you need to get more clients
  • Why most marketing tactics are losing you sales
  • The biggest difference between customers and clients
  • The missing link in most people’s sales funnels
  • What questions to ask on a sales call if you want to close high ticket clients
  • How to attract the right kinds of leads
  • The four pieces of a no-brainer sales conversation
  • The two REAL reasons you’re not getting as many sales as you should
  • And more

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