Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

You started your business because you loved doing your thing. Then you realized that running a business was about a lot more than just the thing you loved to do.

Now you’re wondering if it was all worth it. This is the brick wall that every business owner will eventually face. How you handle it will decide whether you continue to succeed or pack it in and go home. If you’re starting to feel like your business is more hassle than it’s worth, you need to hear this episode. 

You’ll discover:

  • Why the most productive people end up hating their businesses
  • How to never lose the passion for your business
  • What to do when you just want to give up
  • Evolution is a killer; here’s how you survive it
  • The only one or two things you should really be doing in your business
  • How knowing how to dance will help you avoid mission-creep (yes, seriously)
  • When to pivot and when to double down
  • One simple question to ask yourself when you hit a brick wall in your business
  • And more

Listen now.

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