Changing Positions

One of our clients woke up to a rude awakening this week. After responding to a post from someone they trusted, they were treated to a giant serving of “FU. Pay Me!” As a result, said trusted guru has lost a follower, lost goodwill in the market, and shown their true colors. What’s worse, the method they promote is based on the same tactics… and people are buying it. This is bad news for the suckers who buy into this way of getting clients, but great news for the Gorillas. While everyone is out harassing leads, you can be attracting them. While everybody else is out burning bridges, you can be building them. ‘Tis the season for changing positions.

Tune in and discover:

  • Why so many salespeople pull bait-and-switch tactics on their prospects
  • When to start qualifying people so you don’t come off like a douche canoe
  • One BIG advantage Gorillas have over other entrepreneurs out there
  • The worst (and most popular) way to get leads on LinkedIn, and why you should NEVER use it
  • Why tons of leads isn’t always a good thing
  • One way word of mouth marketing can ruin your business
  • How to avoid the “Follow up with me, bro” game
  • Why you don’t need to know sales
  • What salespeople and 12-year-olds often have in common
  • and a lot more

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