Building a Self-Sustaining Culture

One of the best ways to bring in a steady flow of clients is to build a culture around what you do. But it can be a lot of work, and not everybody can do it. And even if you can do it, making it last for any substantial amount of time can prove impossible.   If you’re a member of the Jungle, you know what Landon and Ash have pulled off is nothing short of phenomenal. But how do they do it and how do they keep it going?   This week, Landon reveals some of his closely guarded secrets, including:

  • Why your business needs a mission (not just a mission statement)
  • The biggest reason most communities get led astray
  • The one thing most leaders get wrong
  • Why you need to slaughter the sacred cows in your industry
  • How revealing a secret can make you more attractive
  • Why you should never pick fights with other leaders in your field
  • How to keep people following you for the long run
  • The power of insider baseball (why you need your own language)
  • What biker gangs, fight clubs and housewives all have in common
  • What to do when your movement grows beyond the leader
  • And a lot more

Tune in now.