Are You Giving Away Too Much Free Information?

All the gurus talk about moving the free line. What the next person is charging for, you gotta be giving it away for free. That’s how you get the market to choose you. Right? 

What about when you get on a sales call? You impress them with your vast amount of knowledge. You drop a ton of free value in their laps. Then they go with your competitors and leave you hanging with your junk out. But why? 

The answer is pretty simple. There’s a time to educate and a time to shut up and listen. Knowing when to do which is the key to getting new clients. Tune into to this week’s episode and discover:

  • Who to pursue and who to ignore
  • What to ask and what to avoid on a sales call
  • Why you should never tell them how what they’re buying works (it’s not for the slimy reason you think it is)
  • When and where it makes sense to be educating your market
  • Why consumers have more power in today’s market and how to shift that power dynamic back into your favor
  • The difference between marketing and sales
  • The fastest way to push away a prospect (you’re probably doing this without even knowing it)
  • And a lot more

Warning, We got a little fired up on this one. Listen at your own risk.

And here’s a link if you’re looking to book an interview.