A.B.E (Always Be Evolving)

The world is evolving. If you want to keep up, you’d better be evolving too.   There is so much opportunity out there, but most people are letting it just slip by. Big businesses are going the way of the dinosaur. If you know how to evolve, you can be what replaces them.   This wee, Landon covers:

  • The 4 steps you need to evolve in your business
  • How to break through any ceiling
  • Why you should never get comfortable in your business
  • How self-esteem is vital to your success (for both you and your clients)
  • What free education is really worth in the information age
  • How to get people to pay you for something they can find for free, elsewhere
  • Why consuming more information WON’T get you further ahead
  • The biggest similarity between science and business
  • Why life lessons often prevent us from succeeding in life
  • And more

Listen now.